Meet the team.


Matt Edmundson


Although Matt may be most well-known as the host of the eCommerce Podcast, he's also an eCommerce veteran, woodworker and pastor. He loves hanging out with his family and he's always up for a good laugh. In his spare time, Matt can either be found in his workshop or playing Catan.


Sadaf Beynon


Our token Canadian in the office, Sadaf is usually laughing a lot. Sadaf is great at hospitality, often bringing food into work and sharing the latest antics of her boys (they are hysterical).

Tanyas picture

Tanya Hutsuliak´╗┐

Episode Producer

Tanya Hutsilask, our smiley and outgoing episode producer, prepares podcast episodes for upload. A coffee lover and nature enthusiast, Tanya also enjoys deep conversations, bringing vibrant energy and passion to our team.

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Josh Edmundson


Josh is a physics student with a passion for music. He's written a range of original pieces, from cinematic epics to podcast themes, all showing his love for the orchestra and big sounds.