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Fancy being on the eCommerce Podcast?

The eCommerce Podcast has been going strong since starting in 2019, and we’ve loved every minute of it! Each week, Matt interviews experts and entrepreneurs with great stories and strategies to bring value to our listeners. Our main listener is someone who has been around eCommerce for a while, but we’re seeing a growing number of startups tuning in as well. Most of our listeners are from the UK, US, Australia + NZ, South Africa and Europe. We’re so glad to have such a diverse and engaged audience, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for the eCommerce Podcast.

Who makes a great guest?

The show is about eCommerce, so it goes without saying that we are looking for folks who can add value to our audience. That doesn’t mean to say you have to be an eCommerce expert at all, but you do have to be able to bring huge value to our audience. In the past, we’ve said no to people who come across as pushy salespeople, but we hardly ever refuse folks that add value! That’s the one and only requirement 😃. Have a look at our podcast and you’ll see a wide variety of folks from across the globe on the show.

Our Process.


If you know that you can add some huge value to our listeners, and would like to be a guest on the show the best way to get started is to apply using the form below. This will be sent through to our team who will then get in touch with you to book a PreCall.


The purpose of the call is to meet you and to discuss topics and questions for the show so that we can use that info to plan the Podcast episode. It lasts about 20 minutes and we will send you the link before hand.


We need to make sure your technology is doing well. You’ll need a mic, a camera (as we record video as well as audio) and a fast Internet connection. Typically each recording takes about an hour. Check out one of our podcasts to get a feel for how we do the conversation, it’s pretty easy going with (hopefully) lots of laughter too.

Go Live.

The Podcast recording is then edited by our team to create both the Audio version and the Video version of the show. The audio is distributed to various platforms, including Apple and Spotify. The video is uploaded to YouTube and also added to the Podcast blog post on this website. These will go live at the same time on the preset date. We will of course let you know when that is going to be.


We share the Podcast on all relevant social media channels using both organic and, occasionally, Paid Media. We also email our subscribers. Of course, we will send you all the links and tag you where we can and would ask that you also promote the episode to your audience to get as many ears and eyes on the episode that we can.

What our Guests Say

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