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Similar to what you see at the airports, our Fast Track offers the opportunity for guests to enter a priority lane and skip the line ups. This means reaching the recording and releasing of your episode much sooner.

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Why Fast Track Your Episode?

Fast Tracking an episode of your eCommerce Podcast may not be the right approach in every instance but it has its benefits. This strategy can help you capitalise on the momentum of a current event, topic, or product launch. It can also enable you to reach new listeners while they are engaged in the topic and eager to learn more.

Our typical gap between recording an episode and releasing is between three to six months. We appreciate, however, that for some of our guests, releasing their episode early is a top priority and the eCommerce Podcast production team is here to make that happen.

For a fee of $135 you can Fast Track your episode and have it released at the perfect time for you. This fee covers the necessary pre-production tasks such as editing and promotional materials, as well as post-production tasks such as distribution.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you fast track your episode!

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