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We know it can be difficult to market your business in a highly saturated and competitive industry and that is why we offer Spotlight episodes. They are a great way to showcase your business in a way that helps you reach new audiences.

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What is Spotlight?

Until recently eCommerce Podcast has predominantly been focussed on the subject matter of our guests rather than their businesses. To bring balance and increase value for our guests, each Spotlight episode will narrow in and illuminate a business - giving you the opportunity to talk about your story and the story of your business.

Not only will you get to show off what makes your business unique but Spotlight will also help you reach more customers, gain more exposure and increase your sales channels.

Being featured on the well-trusted eCommerce Podcast guarantees great exposure for your business – not to mention we will give you the episode video file so that you can be free to use the content you create any way you like on your own marketing channels as well.

For a fee of $495 you can promote your business on Spotlight to reach a new audience and gain a unique marketing asset.

Reach out to us today and let’s see where your next conversation will take you!

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